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Porsche Cayenne S

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Rent a Porsche Cayenne S in Miami

The Porsche Cayenne S is the ultimate family vacation rental vehicle, especially if you aren't comfortable with the size of an SUV. This crossover has more than enough space to comfortably seat up to five people, but manages to contain that space to the same footprint of an average sedan. You do give up a little cargo space, but not that you'd notice on a trip under two weeks long. On the other hand, you will notice the satellite radio, rear display screens that can pick up local television, and the multi-region climate control, all of which will help keep children comfortable and entertained while in the car.

h2>Porsche Cayenne S Rental for a Miami Family Vacation

Between dozens of beautiful white sandy beaches, attractions like Jungle Island and the Miami Children's Museum, and kid friendly hotels like the Trump International Beach Resort, Miami is an ideal vacation location for the entire family. The only potential problem is driving around the city. By renting a Porsche Cayenne S from Exotic Car Rentals Miami, you solve that problem efficiently. This vehicle will entertain your children while guiding you around the city with a built-in navigation system.