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Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

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Rent a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider in Miami

The Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is a car designed to give you all of the power and performance of the best sports cars on the road while still letting you enjoy the wind in your hair. Normally, convertibles sacrifice speed and acceleration due to the lack of stability inherent in a topless car. The Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, with a rear engine, hard top convertible, and a very small cockpit, sacrifices almost nothing. In fact, at a top speed of 199 miles per hour and a 3.4 second sprint time, it is easily one of the fastest convertibles on the road.

Explore Key West in a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Rental

Amazingly, somehow the designers at Ferrari managed to find room for more than just an engine, steering wheel, and seats in the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider. This vehicle also has a built-in navigation system and comfortable race car cockpit style leather seats. This makes your Ferrari rental from Exotic Car Rental Miami an ideal vehicle for driving south on the shore highways and exploring the tiny islands of Key West. You don't need to get worry about getting lost finding small hidden beaches and with the warm Atlantic breezes blowing on your face, it will be a truly comfortable drive.