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BMW M4 Convertible

Tech Specs

Engine Engine
Car Seats Car Seats
Transmission Transmission
Fuel Economy(CTY/HWY) Fuel Economy
Drivetrain Drivetrain
HorsePower HorsePower
Miles Included Miles Included


Rent a BMW M4 Convertible in Miami

During your Miami vacation, you want to sit back with the sun on your face and just let the world revolve around you. The amazing thing about a BMW M4 Convertible rental from Exotic Car Rental Miami is that it practically allows you to do just that, even as the driver. Built in smart systems like intelligent driving assistance, real time speed limit monitoring, front and rear camera controlled parking assistance, and GPS navigation with real time traffic monitoring, all combine to allow the BMW M4 Convertible to practically drive for you. All you need to do is put on some sunscreen, drop the top, pick a destination, and let the car do most of the work for you.

A Convertible Built for Downtown Miami

Your BMW M4 Convertible rental from Exotic Car Rental Miami is practically designed for downtown Miami. The compact design and driving assist systems let you easily avoid traffic and minor fender benders. This is a great vehicle to rent if you want to spend a day watching the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena, eating fine delicacies at Versailles, or meeting the parrots that live in Jungle Island.